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Risg Solutions offers professional customised health, safety, environmental, quality and fire management solutions. Our goal is to support your company in complying with your legal and moral duties, whilst also positively impacting your financial and business performance.

We cover Cardiff, Carmarthen, Swansea, Neath, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales & Borders..

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Safety Culture

All organisations will benefit from improving their safety culture; however, leaders often see this as too difficult as they don't know where to begin. Here are five easy ways you can start to improve your safety culture now.

1. Get Support from the Top Down

For safety culture to develop, it's vital to have support from the highest level of the business right down to the teams in the trenches. Having help from the top means that resources and budget are more likely to be made available to develop a comprehensive safety strategy and a budding safety culture.

Getting support from the highest levels of management can usually be achieved by making it clear how safety can directly impact an organisation and its bottom line. The safer a workplace is, the fewer accidents occur, resulting in less downtime, less accident-related fines / penalties, and a happier more engaged workforce.

2. Create A Safety Team

For a safety culture to work, it needs to have dedicated people responsible for it, which is why it's a great idea to establish a safety team. These team members will be in charge of ensuring a dedicated commitment to making enhanced safety a top priority within the business. Designating a 'safety champion' (or several champions depending on the company's size) can also be a positive and worthwhile step. These persons

3. Set Safety Goals

Setting clear, high standards for safety is key to improving safety culture. Set a goal to zero harm and do everything possible to ensure your company achieves this, breaking the goal up to achievable SMART Targets.

4. Make Safety A Core Value

Many organisations are guilty of putting safety in their company core values but not taking steps to live this out. For true success, organisations must make safety more than just a ticked box on a policy sheet and instead make it a top priority for everyone in the business, every single day.

Ensure decisions are made with safety at the forefront and remind every team member that this should always be the case. Safety should be a consideration every day, in every task.

5. Spread the Safety Message

Communicating about safety issues frequently will help keep safety top of everyone's minds and reinforce the organisational commitment to making safety culture a strategic business objective and a clear core value.

Ensure that team members understand that everyone has a responsibility for safety, and it's not just something that leaders and the safety team need to consider. Instead, everyone needs to make decisions with safety as their priority.

If you need help with your safety policy or safety culture, Risg Solutions is here to help. We can provide professional, customised Safety Management Solutions to support your company in complying with your legal and moral duties. We'll work with you to create a solution that will positively impact your financial and business performance. Contact us now by calling Swansea 01792 721 750 or Cardiff 02920 099 450.

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