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Risg Solutions offers professional customised health, safety, environmental, quality and fire management solutions. Our goal is to support your company in complying with your legal and moral duties, whilst also positively impacting your financial and business performance.

We cover Cardiff, Carmarthen, Swansea, Neath, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales & Borders..

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Impacts of New Sentencing Guidelines for Health and Safety Offences.


Implementing an effective business framework for health and safety management of employees, clients, and other stakeholders can reduce hazards; for improved protection and welfare.  Attaining relevant knowledge and control over potential risks within the workplace which could result from business operations creates safer working conditions, improves business performance, and creates new business opportunities.

Businesses benefit from Health & Safety Management in a variety of ways. Not only does it increase health and safety in the workplace, but it additionally provides economic and social benefits. Effective H&S management engages and motivates staff; reduces workplace accidents and illnesses; reduces insurance costs; improves reputation to stakeholders; demonstrates customer compliance; and demonstrates legal compliance.


Legal compliance is especially important for a business’s operation. Breaching health and safety regulations is a criminal offence. Health and safety inspectors pay unexpected visits to businesses across the UK to check that health and safety is effectively being considered and managed. These inspectors can either give advice, issue a notification of contravention, issue improvement notices, issue prohibition notices, or prosecute a business for improper health and safety management.

New sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences are really ramping up costs for businesses caught not doing what they are supposed to…

The fine for completing a health and safety offence in the UK has significantly risen over the years. Currently, for offences against the HWSA (Health and Safety at Work Act) the maximum penalty in the Magistrates’ Court is unlimited fine and/or imprisonment for up to 6 months. In the Crown Court the maximum penalty is unlimited fine and/or imprisonment up to two years.

In 2016/17 the total amount of health and safety fines in the UK equated to £69.9 million (a rise of £31.1 million from 2015/16). The average fine per case was approximately £126,000 (more than double the average fine in 2016/17).

These staggering statistics demonstrate exactly why implementing an efficient Health and Safety management system into your business is vital: to protect you from economic downfall.


Health and Safety will always be a key issue for all businesses, regardless of size or sector. To protect your business and all of its stakeholders, it is vital to implement a sound Health and Safety management system. Under the Health and Safety at Work Regulations act there is requirement to have access to competent advice. At RISG, our consultants can provide this for you through coaching and mentoring, management systems design and monitoring of progress. We can help you to achieve all of your requirements and goals. For more information visit www.risgsolutions.co.uk/health_safety.html

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